4 Ways Cannabis Can Enhance Your Wellness Lifestyle


The end of cannabis prohibition has allowed more adults than ever before to experience the benefits of cannabis and how it can enhance their wellness routine. Whether its vaping to get a jump start on your daily workout or a post-workout rubdown with a cananbis-infused topical, there are a variety of ways to incorporate cannabis into […]

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Toke On The Go With Vapor Slide

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 The Vapor Slide is known for its innovation. The device allows the user to vaporize their chosen oil concentrate with any traditional waterpipe, or you can order one of ours! Place your oil in the tank and then place the Vapor Slide into the joint of your waterpipe. With the airflow technology, simply inhaling from […]

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Check Out These Custom Water Pipes With Vapor Slide


Vaping has taken the cannabis world by storm. Here at The Vapor Slide,  we’ve created the world’s first vape pen that can be used with water pipes aka bongs. “It’s intuitive, well-constructed and innovative. Best of all, you can enjoy all the benefits of vaping without having to give up your water pipe,” the Ganjaprenuer described […]

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4 Products To Vape This Summer

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The Vapor Slide is a powerful pen vaporizer that you can use on its own or in the stem of a water pipe. Check out our picks for some of the top products to vape this summer and a link to get  your Vapor Slide for a pure, discreet vaping experience. Cavi Dabs Available in […]

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Unboxing The Vapor Slide

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At Vapor Slide we’re dedicated to producing cleaner, more effective, more convenient ways to use concentrates. The Vapor Slide is a dual-purpose vaporizer, can be used as a vape pen or water pipe vaping. Water filtration removes carcinogens and leaves nothing but the purest vapor. See all of the features.  

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The Two Sides of Vapor Slide


The convenience of a pen with the quality of a desktop vaporizer, those are the two sides of the Vapor Slide. The fast growing legal cannabis marketplace has opened up the doors for countless innovations in the area of growing and cultivating the cannabis plant to new products for consumption. This powerful design is packed […]

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Here’s Why Vaping Is Healthier Than Smoking Your Ganja


“Cannavaping”, a “vaping” of liquid refills enriched with BHO, or butane hashish oil, has been studied as an alternative way of administering cannabinoids therapeutically. There are a few studies that have led researchers to conclude that due to the enormous growth and development of e-cigarettes that multi-use of the product for cannabis consumption could lead […]

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5 Celebs Who Are About That Vape Life


From The Weeknd to Miley Cyrus vaping cannabis is extremely popular, especially with always on-the-go celebrities. Read on for six celebs who are about that #VapeLife and aren’t afraid to show the world. Sarah Silverman No one can top Sarah Silverman hilariously outing herself as a vaper in a very public way. The comedian whipped out […]

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