4 Products To Vape This Summer

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The Vapor Slide is a powerful pen vaporizer that you can use on its own or in the stem of a water pipe. Check out our picks for some of the top products to vape this summer and a link to get  your Vapor Slide for a pure, discreet vaping experience.

THe Vapor slide

Cavi Dabs

Available in California, Nevada, and Washington, Caviar Gold’s line of products are known as the world’s strongest. Their latest creation, Cavi Dabs, are exactly what they sound like – top quality extracts. Each batch is nug run, meaning it the extracts come from full flower bud not left over trim.


Cannavative Live Clear Sap

With tantalizing flavors like Tangie Power and Mango Kush,  Cannavatives Live Clear is produced through an advanced multi-phase extraction and distillation process to ensure consistency and optimal purity. Live Clear is 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade, distilled cannabis oil, infused with cannabis derived terpenes.

Moxie 710


Moxie offers a wide range of cartridge products from root beer to strawberry banana, each with a unique cannabis experience. Currently available across Las Vegas in the inaugural Weekend Box, the Moxie 710 Maui Wowie is perfect for summer, just attach it to your Vapor Slide!

Remedy’s THC Raw Syringe

The THC Raw Syringe is one of the newest products in the PURE line by Remedy.  This high potency distillate (pure cannabinoid concentrate) is our answer to patients looking for pure THC in an easy to use method, while still being versatile on your method of consumption. The new glass syringes make it the perfect pure cannabinoid concentrate.

Are you about the #VapeLife this summer? Tag us on Instagram @VaporSlide using hashtag #CoolDownForSummer to show off your  piece, and let us know what you are vaping this summer.

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