5 Celebs Who Are About That Vape Life


From The Weeknd to Miley Cyrus vaping cannabis is extremely popular, especially with always on-the-go celebrities. Read on for six celebs who are about that #VapeLife and aren’t afraid to show the world.

Sarah Silverman

No one can top Sarah Silverman hilariously outing herself as a vaper in a very public way. The comedian whipped out her vape on E!’s Emmys pre-show. Way to destigmitize cannabis in a very major way!

via TMZ

Snoop Dogg

While the Dogg Father has made it inherently clear he’s all about a good blunt, there’s been a time or two when the hip-hop legend and cannabis entrepreneur has opted for the discretion of a vape pen over the loud.


Rihanna stay true to her island roots touting her pro-cannabis outlook every chance she gets. While this starlet is often spotted with a joint in her hand, she’s known to vape on the go.

Lady Gaga

celebs-who-vapeLady Gaga has often commented on her cannabis consumption habits and its effects on her ability to write music, de-stress, and cope with a hip injury. At one point Gaga told CBS News she smoked up to 15 joints a day. The pop icon has also been spotted with her trusty vape pen in tow.

Nate Diaz

After his crushing defeat of  Conor McGregor at UFC 202, Nate Diaz openly puffed on a vape pen while answering questions at a post-fight news conference, something frowned upon by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency – which handles all of UFC’s drug testing.

It turns out Diaz believed since he had finished the match he was clear to vape, however as the UFC was swift to point out, the in-competition window actually extends to six hours after the fight, and as a result, he tested positive for cannabidiol. After that fight, you’d think they’d cut him a break, after all cannabis has been known to help with pain relief.




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