Check Out These Custom Water Pipes With Vapor Slide


Vaping has taken the cannabis world by storm. Here at The Vapor Slide,  we’ve created the world’s first vape pen that can be used with water pipes aka bongs.

“It’s intuitive, well-constructed and innovative. Best of all, you can enjoy all the benefits of vaping without having to give up your water pipe,” the Ganjaprenuer described in a review of our product.

If you are looking for some glass to start or grow your collection, check out our Vapor Slide water pipes. Read on for a special discount code to get yours today.

Custom Vapor Slide Water Pipe


The Vapor Slide is perfectly engineered to slide into your favorite water pipe, like this custom Vapor Slide straight model. Once it’s in place, the built-in pressure sensor automatically fires up the pen as soon as you start inhaling. That means you won’t need to use a lighter or press a button, you simply slide it in place and inhale.

Custom Vapor Slide Beaker


The beaker model is another fan favorite. Easy to grasp, this sleek custom water pipe is perfect for beginners or the seasoned cannabis connoisseur.  One of the primary benefits of using this beaker with our V1 Vapor slide device is that it delivers thick, satisfying clouds of vapor with a fraction of the toxins and tars that regular smoke carries.


Custom Vapor Slide Double Bubbler


At Vapor Slide we’re dedicated to producing cleaner, more effective, more convenient ways to use concentrates. We combine the best cartridge tech with the best battery tech to give consumers the most versatile and reliable pen vaporizer on the market today.

As previously mentioned, you can also use your vapor slide with a water pipe, like our custom Vapor Slide Double Bubbler.

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