Here’s Why Vaping Is Healthier Than Smoking Your Ganja


“Cannavaping”, a “vaping” of liquid refills enriched with BHO, or butane hashish oil, has been studied as an alternative way of administering cannabinoids therapeutically.

There are a few studies that have led researchers to conclude that due to the enormous growth and development of e-cigarettes that multi-use of the product for cannabis consumption could lead to a breakthrough.

There are different levels of “bioavailability”, which is a factor related to how CBD is introduced to the system.  For example, oral bioavailability is roughly 15% consumption.  So, that means for every 100 milligrams of CBD that you eat, only about 15 mg actually reaches your bloodstream.

In order to increase bioavailability of CBD, there have been many new advancements in the methods in which cannabis can be consumed.  One of these methods being vaporization.  When CBD enters your lungs, it diffuses directly into your bloodstream, instead of passing through your gut and liver to be digested.  By vaporizing instead of consuming CBD via edibles, we allow nearly four times as much CBD to enter into the bloodstream.  That means the bioavailability of vaporized CBD is at roughly 50-60%.

Vaping also decreases the time it takes for CBD to become active.  A high CBD concentrate or CBD e-liquid’s effects come on 30-60 minutes faster than oral ingestion.  The efficiency of vaping has put the method centerstage in regards to different possible methods for pain relief, ailments or general medical usage for marijuana.  Oral ingestion is still a highly regarded method for cannabis consumption both for medical and recreation usage.  But, with emerging studies showing vaping to be the “new most efficient” consumption method, it’s convincing many to put down the brownie and pick up the vape-pen.

With current regulations in the cannabis industry, further studies that are required to fully support the current available information are still needed.  So, be sure to always choose a quality product and vape responsibly.

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