The Two Sides of Vapor Slide

The convenience of a pen with the quality of a desktop vaporizer, those are the two sides of the Vapor Slide. The fast growing legal cannabis marketplace has opened up the doors for countless innovations in the area of growing and cultivating the cannabis plant to new products for consumption.
This powerful design is packed into a small sleek body that fits right in your pocket, bag, or purse.

Vapor Slide as A Pen

Auto Fire

A pressure sensor inside the slide automatically fires when inhaling a water pipe. No waiting. No buttons. LED lights let you know the coil is activated and the voltage settings. Instantly increase or decrease the heat depending on the amount of vapor you like.


With higher amperage from the powerful 18350 L-ion battery, the Vapor Slide V-1 produces much more thick vapor hits. Just take a long drag on the water pipe and pull the slide out when you are ready to clear the chamber.


Vapor Slide as a Water Pipe

Built To Use

90% of cartridges using airflow activation work with Vapor Slide allowing you to stock up on your favorite flavors. And with 4x the battery life of ordinary vape pens, you can enjoy longer vaping on the go.


6120 aircraft aluminum makes the slide body tough yet light weight. A hardened rubberized plastic around the bottom of the body connects the handle giving the slide added durability.

Bigger Hits 

With the powerful 18350 L-ion battery and higher amperage settings, you will be able to produce much more vapor than with traditional pens in the market today.

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