Toke On The Go With Vapor Slide

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 The Vapor Slide is known for its innovation. The device allows the user to vaporize their chosen oil concentrate with any traditional waterpipe, or you can order one of ours!

Place your oil in the tank and then place the Vapor Slide into the joint of your waterpipe. With the airflow technology, simply inhaling from the mouthpiece will activate the slide and giving you a solid hit.


The Vapor Slide comes equipped with a variable voltage dial that falls within the range of  3.3V – 4.8V.

Coming with a rechargeable lithium battery, you can even charge this device while you use it via USB.

Each Vapor Slide kit comes with 2 top-coil e-liquid tanks.

The kit also includes a black zipper carrying case.

The voltage is color coded with LED’s so adjusting the temperature to suit your tastes is extremely simple.

The 2 in 1 design allows you to use the Vapor Slide with your favorite oil cartridge and vape on the go, or get a cleaner hit from your water pipe using the Vapor Slide as a filtration system.

This means you can toke without a lighter.  Whether you decide to use it as a slide or as a vape pen, you’ll enjoy a hybrid experience that no other device can deliver.

Even better, the battery life is four times that of the average vape, so you can vape even if you’re on the go.

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